PIXTA Made Permanent!


It’s true, PIXTA can be installed at your event, pop-up or into your custom build… permanently! – Amazing right?

As a permanent photo installation, PIXTA is capable of capturing not only photos, but GIFs and Boomerangs too. Any of these installs are sure to create a fun and interactive experience for your consumers.

Our Absolut airport activation is a perfect example of creating a spectacle on-site using our permanent photo install. Consumers are intrigued by the pop up and are immediately drawn to it – I mean you’re at the airport about to jet set, the good vibes are flowing and then BANG! You see the Absolut pop up and you basically run there because you don’t want to miss out on the free samples.

Whilst you’re there, you step inside the container and get to capture the ultimate pre-holiday snap with your Absolut sample. The photo / GIF is sent instantly by SMS or email and the branded photo can then be shared on social media – GREAT SUCCESS.

At airports, people have SO much time to wonder around and look at things that, before entering the airport, they may not have needed – but now because of the amazing experience you’ve offered, they need 110% need it, and that’s why the PIXTA permanent install is perfect for this environment.

Needless to say, airports offer a unique and extremely diverse target audience from all around the world, thus making it one of the best places to promote your brand or business using our permanent photo booth.

In 2016, Sydney Airport had a total of 41.9 million passengers. Our international passenger numbers grew 8.9% to 14.9 million people, while 26.9 million passengers used our domestic services. These numbers are staggering – read all about it here.

It’s therefore evident that PIXTA as a permanent photo installation is the perfect solution to your next long-term marketing campaign, whether it be in an airport, shopping centre or even bar / restaurant.

Get in touch events@politesocial.com for further info!

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