KIA GIF Pod at the Australian Open

The PIXTA Pod: creating excitement off-court with GIFs

Ah the Australian Open; crazy fans, sweltering hot days and guaranteed entertainment from Nick Kyrgios – could we ask for more?! The Australian Open kicks off the Grand Slam tournaments for the year and it’s really our favourite part of a Melbourne summer, as well as the perfect setting for creating branded content with a GIF booth.

This year, Kia Motors extended their Australian Open partnership another five years, making them the longest-running major sponsor of the tennis tournament. We teamed up with Innocean and Kia to activate our PIXTA Pod on the ground at the Australian Open Grand Slam Oval, serving up a winning photo opportunity for tennis-goers.

Fans were encouraged to take a boomerang-style GIF in the PIXTA Pod, which was positioned in front of a giant KIA tennis racquet. A hashtag competition drove participants to share the content with #KiaTennis for their chance to win an iPad Pro each day. In addition to the quality GIF fans received via SMS and Email, the competition incentive generated over 300 shares across social media platforms daily!

The campaign created a memorable digital take-away for consumers, and one which they were excited to share with friends and family online. It was also a hit with Kia, as the onsite experiential activation generated thousands of branded content pieces, and drove social buzz via the hashtag competition.

Want to ace your next campaign with a PIXTA Pod? We can help.


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